April 24 to 27, 2018 at the Asaba Convention Centre, Asaba, Delta State,  theme, “Criminal justice administration in Nigeria: The journey so far.”

The fifth series of the NBA Criminal Justice Reforms Conference, organized by the Nigerian Bar Association Criminal Justice Reforms Committee will undertake a painstaking and holistic review of the Act with a view to tackling challenges and plugging all loopholes relating to its smooth implementation.

NBA – Scholarships to young lawyers

Permit me to note that we have received the approval of the NBA National Executive Committee (NBA-NEC) to offer scholarships especially to our young lawyers to ensure inclusiveness. Accordingly, all branch chairmen of the NBA Young Lawyers Forum have been offered full scholarships to attend the conference. A communique on key resolutions shall be issued at the end of the conference.

Other critical areas to be discussed at the conference include unlocking the innovations of criminal justice legislation; Corruption, economic and financial crimes: special courts to the rescue? Human trafficking and transnational crimes: institutional and legal remedies, and prosecution and punishment of electoral offenders in Nigeria.

Obire entertainment s greeting - NBA - Scholarships to young lawyers (Chief Arthur Obi Okafor SAN)